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diablo 3 funny machinima

DIABLO 3 NEW!!! LEAKED GAMEPLAY -- never before seen, this actual gameplay footage shows the weaknesses of the diablo 3 beta and the problems which have developed in multiplayer mode beta testing -- demo is by gorebagg, #1 sin on ladder -- MUST SEE -- L@@K!!!
once again in the top levels, gorebagg with the help of some great friends has become the #1 assassin on the diablo 2 west ladder this season with totally live action play, meaning the char is not a bot. with this diablo three parody machinima, gorebagg has done it again using the amazing gameplay demo issued by blizzard entertainment. all images shown in this machinima belong strictly to blizzard entertainment and are used in the spirit of parody/satire. the text is strictly gorebagg's own sick mind.